Timothy Leeb, YES, she Loves ME

My name is Timothy Leeb, I’m 31 years old, and have seen it all. In other words, I’ve lived a life, an unsheltered, modern day, Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn odyssey, offering me many periods of prosperity, to desperation and being totally destitute.

Timothy Leeb Timothy Leeb

From growing up in Manhattans upper east side to taking shelter on my friends sofa in Bend Oregon, I’ve learned a great deal about survival and the “Spices of Life” Money is inherently lonely as it always surrounded me with a crowd who’s value as people were predicated on their net worth. Then the inevitable economic theory, being it goes up until it comes down, applied with regards to losing money, which hurt my ego and broke my desire to re-gain my loss. Strangely enough, I always found a way of “making it” no matter what was thrown my way. “Making it” became my goal but…

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