I primarily work in sales, a profession predicated on knowledge, control, smiles and cries, honesty, and EGO. Everyone is different, needless to say,  I have to pursue a consistent message but the manner in how I convey my words of wisdom are often altered. The message is delivered differently to a conservative eighty year old ex farmer then it would be if addressing a fourty year old options trader, with a risk tolerance borderlining insanity. After speaking with a hundred people per day, all different, yet all sharing similar motivations, fears, instincts, and desires, it becomes difficult to stay emotionally grounded. At the end of every conversation, there’s a fine line between my bottom line, being revenue and the prospects, also being revenue. If I’m doing my job well, that thin, often tenuous line is clear and uniited. Both you and I are speaking to one another because we essentially speak the same language. We share a longing and connection in our use for the others ability to create wealth, obtain stability, and when it’s said and done, a sale is always made. Either he/she sells me on why it’s a “bad time” or “they’re no longer investing”… or I sell them on why it’s “unfair” that they not have the kind of access/research, to which, I’m offering them!

It’s a chess game, the problem being in how “selling” can lead to selling yourself a believed truth, all too often, affecting the lives of those who are not clients, but possible lovers, potential partners, women wanting my words to match my actions, and all too often, that leaves me incapable of knowing what to say or do, and it leaves others with wounded emotions. I never intend on inflicting loneliness or the feeling of estrangement on anyone. It’s just that I can’t stop from being who I have to be in a moment of honest passion, the operative word being “moment.” I’m trained and I’m damn good at being trelendous when the cameras are rolling, and the lights are shining. When the film runs out or “the director says cut” it’s all too easy to frown, because a woman’s feelings are way more vulnerable and cyclical then then my “bottom line.” The end of the days revenue and my words, spoken in many fashions, every action delivered with the utmost integrity, are pale in mistaking what we do from who we are.Timothy Leeb

Timothy Leeb